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About the ROBLOX Currency Generator

The ROBLOX currency generator is a secret ROBLOX made machine. It gives ROBUX and Tix to only 20,000 users before we close it down. When it does close down, it will read "Site Not Published".  This is somewhat of a BC feature. BC users can use it once a day with a 20,000 ROBUX or Tix limit. Non-BC people can only use it once (until/unless they get BC in the future) and the limit is 1,000 ROBUX or Tix. Alternate accounts will not be credited because it would create more people making inactive alternate accounts so they all get credited and later the money funnels to you. Also because only 20,000 will use it, this makes it unfair to others.

Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers:
Q1: Why do you need my password?
A: Simple, so we can identify you are the user of the account.
Q2: Why do you need my email?
A: Some accounts on ROBLOX can be taken or "hacked", this allows your account a little more security for unwanted money in some cases.
Q3: Why is this site a .yola?
A: This site being a secret website, not many people find it, meaning it won't make money and is the reason we won't make it a .com. Also because it's harder to find because google can't index it under their global file for a long time.
Q4: Why must it be a BC feature?
A: Because we can't have NBCers getting "rich" for free with no BC, BC users have paid and this is a random benefit they can enjoy. You just have to find them.
Q5: Why is there a limited amount of people to use it?
A: Actually 20,000 users is a lot of people getting ROBUX and Tix for free. First come first served.
Q6: Why didn't my ROBUX or Tix come yet?
A: The process takes a long time. Not always are we going to check it every day. Plus this is a weebly site. Meaning that nothing can operate instantly coordinating with another site.
Q7: It's been a week and I still don't have my ROBUX or Tix, is it coming?
A: Most likely the information you entered is incorrect. Or our site is down.

Use the ROBLOX Currency Generator now!

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